5 Tips for a Better E-Commerce Site

5 Tips for a Better E-Commerce Site

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The cornerstone of any successful online business is its e-commerce site. Right now, we’re living in strange times due to the spread of the novel coronavirus and lots of retailers are being forced to require their operations partly or maybe fully online. If you haven’t already, now's the time to form sure your e-commerce site is user-friendly to encourage more purchases. make certain your online store includes a number of these elements:

Simple Navigation

You can have the foremost amazing website with the simplest products, but without simple, user-friendly navigation you'll run into trouble. When something is tedious to seek out, customers are likely to go away from your site and attend the competitor. the simplest thanks to making user-friendly navigation is to stay it as simple and intuitive as possible. Hamburger menus tend to be the simplest option for many sites, as they work well on both mobile and desktop. Avoid putting too many options in your top-level navigation, and instead, aim for no quite 5 options.

Engaging Site Content

If you've got a product that solves a customer’s pain points, you would like to share that information with them. Include engaging content throughout your sites like product descriptions, blogs, FAQs, and more to assist buyers to make their decision. Avoid including lengthy descriptions, and instead, strive for a copy that's short and to-the-point. If you’re having trouble knowing where to start, put yourself within the shoes of the customer. believe what sorts of questions you'd have about your product and what aspects you care most about.

Stand-out Imagery

They say an image is worth a thousand words, and there's some truth thereto. Having stand-out imagery on your site can guide the user’s eye where you’d like them to travel and show the true value of a product. Using motions graphics or slideshows on your site may be a fun thanks to showcasing what your product does and have interaction users. the utilization of video in your website’s headers can be useful too, just make certain it doesn’t require sound or slow your site down as a result.

Smooth Checkouts

Customers have a bent to abandon their carts if making a sale is just too complicated, so ensuring you've got a simplified checkout process is one of the simplest belongings you can do. a number of the simplest belongings you can do include:

Add Checkout Buttons Throughout Your Site – Ideally, you’ll want users to continue shopping and adding items to their carts after they find what they're trying to find. However, without multiple easy-to-find checkout buttons throughout your e-commerce site, users can find it complicated to form their purchase. make certain to offer them every opportunity to go to the checkout once they are ready.
Reduce the number of Form Fields – the most goal here is to eliminate any unnecessary steps from the checkout process to scale back the prospect of cart abandonment. for instance, include a checkbox for patrons if their billing and shipping address is that the same to save lots of on the number of fields they have to fill out.
Optimize for Mobile Use – quite half all online purchases are made on smartphones, and users don’t want to feel frustrated when shopping on their mobile devices. Ensure you’re making it easy for them to input information and checkout to avoid unnecessary cart abandonment.
Be Transparent About Shipping Costs – one among the foremost common reasons people abandon cart is seeing their total with the shipping included before the last step of checkout. Instead, be transparent and include a shipping price calculator early within the process so there are not any surprises at the top.

Use Compelling CTAs

One of the foremost widely known, but often forgotten marketing tips is to incorporate call-to-actions (CTAs) on your website. It’s not enough to only throw a “buy now” button randomly on your site, users need context around CTA’s. The engaging copy we mentioned earlier during this article will are available handy here to clear up any confusion and ensure your CTA doesn’t appear as if it had been randomly placed on the location.

With the following pointers, you'll give your business the boost it needs by lowering handcart abandonment. during a time like this where more and more people are making their purchases online, it’s important to seek out ways to nurture customers through their purchasing process. Don’t fall behind, put yourself within the mind’s of consumers for digital success.

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