Tips to Setting Up Your Business Facebook Account

Tips to Setting Up Your Business Facebook Account

By the top of June 2017, Facebook reported having over 2 billion active users monthly. this sort of user engagement is at A level which most bands can only dream of, and therefore the activity doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Tips to Setting Up Your Business Facebook Account

Any business that says they are doing not need a Facebook page might be missing out on valuable leads and potential customers. many patrons will check the social media giant first for reviews and deals before even brooding about Google.

It is free and comparatively easy to make a business Facebook account. now's the time to embrace the social network, and here are a number of the simplest tips to assist you along:

Start by creating a page

This may vary slightly counting on the device getting used, but at the highest right of the screen, there's a choice to create a replacement business page. There is a spread of options to settle on from, attempt to find the one which inserts most closely with the business model. this will be changed later if required.

Business page types

  • Local Business
  • Company, Organisation or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or name 
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community
The local business and company options offer additional fields like phone, address, business hours, sign up, and map.

Choosing the proper page name

When choosing a page name, it should reflect the brand and be easily recognizable to customers. Facebook even allows businesses to possess a custom URL which may be wont to promote the page during a sort of way. This link can't be modified so it must be correct the primary time.

For example, for the favored drink, Coca-Cola is that the page name and that they have selected because of the unique URL.

TIP: For marketing purposes, the shortened version of “” also will work or maybe @Coca-Cola is self-explanatory.

Talk about the brand

There is a chance to incorporate an “About” page and other business information. Fill out any fields which are relevant to offer readers some additional insight into the products and services being offered.

This may include, but isn't limited to:

  • Mission Statement
  • Contact Details
  • Brand Story
  • Website Link
  • Milestones and Progress
  • Page Information
Having relevant, up so far information will make the business more appealing. Just remember, don’t use any jargon, slang, or references that won’t be understood by the target demographic.

It might sound obvious, but if something might be potentially offensive it probably should be avoided. What could also be funny to at least one person might be upsetting to a different and therefore the business could suffer. Always check, and re-check all spelling and grammar as failing this makes a corporation appear unprofessional.

Upload the proper graphics

Consistent branding is what makes a business stand out and stick within the minds of consumers. the proper logo can subtly remind people of the merchandise or service and creates a sense of trust. If there's an existing logo, the Facebook graphics can replicate this.

Images should be high resolution and tell followers what's being offered. There are two graphics which require to be considered:

  • Profile picture
  • Cover photo or video
Profile picture
The profile picture appears on the highest left of the business page. it's generally a logo and is displayed in various sizes counting on the device. On a display screen, it's 170 x 170 pixels, on a smartphone it's 128 x 128 pixels and on a feature phone, it's displayed at 36 x 36 pixels.

The profile picture appears square on the business page, however recent changes to Facebook have seen it being cropped to a circle when shown throughout the varied newsfeeds.

The reasoning behind this was to form the user experience a more positive one. After some research, Facebook determined a circular shape is more appealing to its members.

TIP: Choose a graphic that works well as both a square and a circle.

Cover Photo or Video

The cover photo may be a rectangular image which is shown at the highest of the business page. It works as a header and allows additional space to be creative. Often this may be the primary thing which is seen, so make it stand out!

The minimum size for this is often 400 pixels x 150 pixels, but confine mind this may be displayed at 820 pixels x 312 pixels so a much bigger image is going to be crisper and clearer. A .jpeg under 100kb is going to be fast loading, but a .png may look better. Experiment with graphics to ascertain what fits.

A good cover photo will complement the brand as they sit closely together. attempt to find something which is original and unique. If this is often impossible, at the very least confirm there are not any copyright infringements.

For those that are skilled at video creation, there's now the selection of sacrificing the normal cover image for a video version. This has an equivalent aspect because of the image option, and therefore the recommended length is between 20 and 90 seconds.

Video works well for movie promotion, band pages, popular advertisements, or product demonstrations. the duvet image or video is often changed at any time.

TIP: Don’t go overboard with text, let the image do the talking.

Getting Verified

A verified business page will display a gray tick which shows users it's legitimately linked to the corporate it's advertising. This helps to make trust, and minimize any damage to the reputation of the brand which can be caused by fake accounts.

It is relatively easy to urge verified and is well worth the jiffy it takes. On the highest right there's a button titled “Settings”. Select “General” and find “Page Verification”.

Follow the step by step process which involves a fast call via a publicly listed number for the business. A verification code is going to be given and this may then be wont to verify the account.

For those that prefer to not have their telephone number made public, there's the choice to verify by uploading a business document. this might be slightly longer, but Facebook will still only take a couple of days to process the request.

Add a Call to Action

Facebook now gives brands the chance to make a call to action which appears on the business page. this is often an enormous blue button and therefore the choices are as follows:

  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video
Don’t neglect the decision to action button because it may be a significant value-add. It is often promoted and highlighted in a sort of way. It can take users on to a page on the web site without them having to navigate very far.

Add extra staff members

Managing a business page is often an enormous commitment, as content must be maintained so far and any messages should be skilled. If there's somebody else within the company who can share the load, it's simple to feature extra admins with different permission levels.

TIP: Giving someone administration access doesn't mean they're going to be ready to see the creator’s account.

Understand the intended audience

With any business, knowing who the audience is going to be essential. When it involves Facebook, knowing who to focus on will help shape the content of the page. Many brands use social media as a mini-blog and how to speak directly with customers.

Go through a brainstorming process and determine:

  • Is the goal to market to existing customers, or create new ones?
  • What is the aim of the Facebook business page?
  • Is the audience predominantly male or female?
  • Where is that the intended audience located?
  • What are the ages of the target audience?
  • Are there any specific interests that align with the business model?

Grow a following organically first

Once the business page has been found out, it's time to urge the proper people to follow! The audience should have already been determined, and it's time to spread the word. Personally invite any friends, send an email to current subscribers and add a follow button to the web site.

If there are other social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter, share the new page there too. Before spending advertising dollars, be resourceful, and utilize what's already alive.

TIP: Consider running a contest but remember to stick to Facebook’s promotional guidelines.

Advertise via Facebook

Facebook promotion is flexible because it allows businesses to settle on a demographic and add a daily budget. Only a little percentage of followers will see the organic content appear in their newsfeed, so there could also be times when a top from funds is required.

Committing to a billboard may be a thing of the past, as there's the choice to pause or cancel at any time. specialize in likes or clicks and boost those posts which are attracting attention.

TIP: Facebook advertising isn’t just for boosting posts, try creating an offer!

The final say…

Haing a Facebook business page is important for those that are serious about growing their online, or offline business. A neglected page is nearly as bad as no page in the least, it's important to form sure there's always fresh content. While two posts per day are claimed to be the perfect number, aiming for one post each day is going to be sufficient.

If offering followers the prospect to speak with the brand via Facebook, confirm to answer this sort of engagement quickly. found out an autoresponder and sign up regularly.

Facebook shouldn’t be the sole marketing tool a business uses, but a part of a way bigger plan. the toughest part is getting started, then maintaining a daily schedule will become a priority.

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